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  1. Most service agreement termination clauses are based on a legally flawed principle - Find out how to challenge the dealers service termination charge.
  2. Our guide provides free advice that your lawyer would charge you thousands for - The Guru knows these agreements inside out; whereas most lawyers have never seen one before. Even if you do appoint a lawyer this guide will show them where to start.
  3. Why your service provider is scared to take you to court - They'll tell you how their agreement was written by a top legal expert and how they always win in court. The reality is the opposite - we expose their weakness.
  4. The killer legal precedent that works every time -Learn how hundreds of customers ended the threat of legal proceedings by sending one simple letter.
What you'll find in Part Three of the "Copier Buyers Guide" - Termination Penalties
Is your supplier asking you for an unreasonable service settlement?   Then You need this guide!
More top tips from the copier guru - how to deal with bad service agreements - why 99% of service settlements are unenforceable penalties
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